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Quixotic Joins the Waveform Agency Roster

We are very excited to announce that Quixotic has now joined the Waveform Agency roster. The "Cirque Nouveau" artistry that is Quixotic is a beautiful experience that every music and performance enthusiast should experience, be sure to stay tuned to upcoming events featuring Quixotic.

+Founded in 2005 by renowned graphic designer, percussionist, and artistic director Anthony Magliano and joined a year later by award-winning lighting and theater technology guru Mica Thomas, Quixotic’s mission statement was to tear down the walls that cloistered each discipline of the arts, unleashing a flood of new ideas that would wash away the staid norms of traditional theatre performance. It is the joint vision of Magliano and Thomas that has taken the loose collective of avant garde trendsetters and molded them into what the New York Times branded an “innovative circus [company].”

+The raw power, immersive experience, and sheer mesmerizing artistry of Quixotic Fusion cannot be conveyed through words, nor can audio or video alone capture the magic of an intense, firsthand glimpse of the collective in action. To truly get a sense of what it is to leave the earthly realm and enter a digital landscape of breathtaking wonder, where the bounds of genre—and gravity—have no meaning; you have to be there to believe.