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Welcome PLANTRAE to the Waveform Agency roster

PLANTRAE roams the forests and detritus of sound, crafting earthy beats music clearly evocative of its NW origin. Energetic and serenely beautiful, PLANTRAE’s sound threads a distinctive path between acoustic instrumentation, and exhilarating electronic production. Crisp beats and graceful melodies are effortlessly woven together, with live viola bringing an undercurrent of indelible warmth to an already lush palette.

With the help of a unexpectedly successful initial e.p., Zak. A has taken PLANTRAE from a humble basement studio in Portland, OR to festivals and concerts across north and south america. A lifelong instrumentalist, the project was born out of a desire to meld the worlds of electronic and acoustic music. In addition to these contrasting influences, Zak is also inspired by forests and wild places, as well as the gritty undersides of the many cities he has performed in. Fresh off of his first nationwide support tour, Zak is currently in studio completing PLANTRAE’s first full length album, and will be back on the road very soon.